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While you look out for a rugby magazine, you will surely be perplexed at the number of choices available to you. European rugby magazines are published in all different languages. The most favourite English rugby magazines are Rugby World, Rugby League World, International Rugby News, England Rugby, etc.

Whatever magazine you pick, they mostly have top quality action photographs, player profiles, match reports, team analysis and a lot more. These magazines compete to bring you the best of rugby news, player photographs, interviews, match coverage, performance analysis and a lot more. From club news to international rugby tournament news, this magazine offers a rich variety coverage.

Pick any rugby magazine and you will find some pullouts and posters of the stars from all parts of the world. The posters always are of excellent quality, a hallmark that almost all sports magazines follow. The photographers also do a fine job, capturing the finesse of the action in such a dramatic fashion. Most of the magazines today are more driven by visuals and images than by features.

It doesn’t mean, rugby & sports magazines are without readable features. There are always some great features, analysis and team commentary, whichever magazine you pick. And, the detailed scorecards make for clip and keep archives. You know who has beaten who, where and when. The writers and editors enjoy their job of delivering you top quality analysis, commentary and news coverage.

A subscription to any of the rugby magazines has other benefits too, like a onetime reward of a team jersey, more than 50% off the cover price, a ticket to a match, etc are the few of the ways that magazines try to attract readers with. You will also find regular competitions, giving you a chance to win some cool stuff.

Your choice from the multitude of rugby magazine depends very much on you. Try different titles and stick to the ones that you go back to quite often.

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